Identify ways in presenting a good oral presentation

MOST ESSENTIAL LEARNING COMPETENCY: Identify ways in presenting a good oral presentation.



An oral presentation is when the students present their research in front of the audience such as the judges. They are given a certain time to present all the important and main information of the research. On the other hand, the oral defense is solely dedicated to the questioning of the audience and usually consumes more time than the oral presentation.



Activity 1: Give 5 things to do before, during and after an oral presentation.




Organize your ideas.

Speak with assurance

Appreciate anyone who helped and supported you with your research.

Create PowerPoint slides to present critical information.

Discuss your charts and calculations.

Request for feedback

Make valuable notes for yourself.





Be grateful and say thank you

Make a solid first impression.

You should avoid filler words

Recap to improve your presentation


Activity 2: Give 5 significance of an oral presentation.

  1. Oral communication raises participation levels.
  2. It may be used to send confidential data to a small group of people, facilitating communication and information exchange.
  3. It gives the audience the necessary flexibility to make an informed conclusion on a given topic.
  4. The presenter can get immediate feedback for his work and research by assessing the audience's reactions and body language.
  5. It gives the audience a higher chance of comprehending the speaker's context.

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